Andreas Wahl

"Phil Niblock"
Umland Records (2020)

marie daniels – vocals
hanna schörken – vocals
maika küster – vocals
oona kastner – vocals / keys
julia brüssel - violin
martin verborg - violin
ludger schmidt - cello
emily witbrodt - cello
david heiss - trumpet
moritz anthes - trombone
max wehner - trombone
adrian prost – trombone
alex morsey - tuba
sebastian gerhartz- saxophone
felix fritsche- saxophone
florian walter- ewi / saxophone
stefanie heine- saxophone
luise volkmann- saxophone
andreas wahl - guitar
christian hammer - guitar
raissa mehner - guitar
serge corteyn - guitar
oliver siegel - synth
guido schlösser - keys
fabian neubauer - keys
anja kreysing - keys
gilda razani - theremin
achim zepezauer – electronics
kai niggemann - electronics
johannes nebel- bass
volker kamp - bass
simon camatta - drums
marvin blamberg- drums
jan klare – saxofone / air movement
denis cosmar – sound

On one night in 2019, The Dorf (German for "village") took a heavy dose of the music of Phill Niblock. The impact on the musicians, gathering to play a double-length version of Niblock’s “Baobab” and (in a second set) three “Dorf” tunes, was deep. 

The first set felt like going to church – a truly spiritual experience. At first the audience did not believe the announcement that the “drone” piece would last for 46 minutes. Afterwards, their reactions showed the impression Phill’s music had made on them. 

After a 20-minute break, three pieces followed – a different game altogether, but connected to Baobab in the way that the energy and the feel for the evening had been thoroughly set by Mr. Niblock.